We think and develop brands from naming, to strategy and promotion.




Communication starts with branding. In the moment we identify the name of your company, your service or product.
That’s why the process of creating a brand is so unique and special. It’s a very desired moment when we personify a project, give it a name and a personality,  with very own attributes.
When we think about branding we always think with the mindset of integrated experiences regarding all places where it can be presented.
Our Branding skilled team is capable of feeling your brand in your client's shoes and with a very creative and strategic approach.
We think and develop brands from the name concept to the definition of its positioning, the creation of a strategy and implementation of communication, advertising and activation experiences..
What about your brand, is it remarkable?


Brand Creation

The creation of a brand is a unique milestone.
It is the moment when you name your project and express its recognition to the market.
At LOBA we create brands with the attitude, attributes and positioning suited to the motivations of your target audiences and markets.
Through workshops and the gathering of key knowledge information, we create inspirations and creative rationales that allow us to build the universe of your brand.
Our methodology assures you that your brand meets essential criteria such as sound, pronunciation, suitability to the offer and the market and also, its protection and distinctiveness.


Brand Strategy

Our team of creatives and strategists develop robust and consistent communication strategies that will help you define your purpose, reposition your brand or build a communication strategy designed to achieve a specific objective.
The brand strategy is built on 3 fundamental steps - knowledge, strategy and actions that will allow you to better know and promote your brand from the inside out.



The promotion of your brand involves a piece or advertising campaign capable of combining impact and clarity maximizing the effectiveness of your message.
Based on a key concept and creative moodboard, we think and develop advertising pieces and campaigns, adapting the form and content to the media, communication channels aligned with the action plan, communication moments and established budget.


Brand Activation

Brand Activation translates the moment of the first appearance of your brand, or reinforcement of your presence in a moment of strategic communication or opportunity, with a proximity and interactive approach with your target audiences.
Create your next successful brand activation with our team and together we will guarantee an approach perfectly aligned with the style of your brand, motivations of your potential customers, a careful selection of spaces, creation of dynamics, key message and clear definition of your objective in this challenge.

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