Understanding your journey

We are communication specialists

We therefore understand that a good communication strategy, using the right language, helps inspire the whole value chain, reducing barriers and improving results.

Much more than just the visual or conceptual aspects of your brand, it communicates the brand’s aims, commitments and values to all stakeholders.

Brands must make it clear that they are on a sustainability journey, sharing the concrete actions in place. Sharing helps increase credibility and customer engagement with the brand.

  • ESG maturity level
  • Leadership perspectives
  • Stakeholders in the business
  • An action plan with positive impact
  • Communicate and inspire
  • Sustainability software
  • Sustainable websites

ESG maturity level

We know that if we fail to measure, we cannot improve.

Understanding ESG maturity, alignment with the SDGs, social policies and materiality topics forms the basis of our work when creating a plan for communicating your impact.


Leadership perspectives

Culture forms the basis of any organisation. Creating a united vision among the leadership is the first step in successfully disseminating sustainability throughout the organisation.

Together, we will prepare a sustainability pitch that is true to your brand and that everyone can unite behind.

We draw up a Mission, Vision, Values and Aims that reflect your sustainability commitments.

We identify barriers and challenges to disseminating sustainability and prepare a plan to mitigate these barriers.

Stakeholders in the business

Communicate from the inside out, bringing all stakeholders on a journey with your company.

Internal communication is a fundamental pillar of any sustainability journey. We identify creative means of integration and engagement so everyone understands their role within the organisation, strengthening the sense of belonging and forging a positive company culture for all stakeholders.

An action plan with positive impact

We create a Sustainability communication action plan that meets the needs of your company and creates positive impact.

It is from the creation of your sustainability communication strategy that we can respond to your brand's communication needs.

We ensure the strategic definition and the implementation and follow-up of the plan, assessing each action and its impact and seeking to create a more sustainable internal organisational culture. 

Communicate and inspire

Our path towards sustainability, walked in good faith, is littered with stories worth telling.

Rather than creating a story that makes us the same, we want to tell stories that set us apart, inspiring those who cross our path. From goals achieved to challenges overcome to the difference we are making to the lives of people and the planet.

A sustainability report can be an excellent place to start telling the story of your company’s sustainability journey.

Sustainability software

Technology and science with positive impact.

At LOBA, we simplify classifications, European regulations, legislation and complex reporting frameworks using recognised software.

We work with the best partners and SaaS to manage your sustainability processes, from analysing ESG maturity to identifying materiality topics, managing scope 1, 2 and 3 data and producing reports that meet the European ESRS and international GRI reporting standards, to guarantee your company complies at all times.


Sustainable websites

More sustainable and inclusive platforms

Our commitment to sustainability reflects our concern for social and environmental impact, down to the design and operation of the platform.

We design and implement websites and platforms that ensure a great digital experience and performance while minimising the use of resources and reducing the brand’s carbon footprint.

why LOBA

With a team specialising in communication and technology, we provide comprehensive support at kick off and throughout your sustainability journey.

We ensure stakeholder engagement by using the best communication solutions, reliably and transparently. 

We help foster a culture of positive impact, leaving nobody behind, ensuring efficient and accurate communication and avoiding greenwashing.

We have certified software solutions to help your company assess, manage data and fulfil its sustainability reporting obligations, in compliance with European/international regulations.


Solutions to Measure and Inspire

LOBA’s team of specialists will support your company with Measurement and Inspiration solutions, through certified software and sustainability communication.

Sustainability communication will enable your brand to leverage the full potential of the actions it implements and the targets it sets for the business. By communicating with all stakeholders in a more personal and sustainable way, via a range channels, and by basing decisions on ongoing analysis, you will boost your business results.

Learn about our working methods, which range from mapping current sustainability status to developing sustainability communication plans.

Measure to inform key decisions
Inspirational communication with positive impact
We are backed by the best software partners

We use certified software to manage your sustainability data and targets. It assesses the level of ESG maturity and recommends actions to ensure your sustainability journey complies with international regulations and protocols.

ESG maturity
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