What makes us different?

Our priority: Confidence in creating personalised solutions!

Our customers trust our holistic vision of the world’s best CRM.

Our teams believe in the importance of working as partners of our customers, so as to become specialists in their business ventures.

Each implementation is a challenge of optimisation, adaptation and adjustment to their reality.

  • sales and marketing
  • Development made to measure
  • Business intelligence
  • Human resources
  • 360 VISION
Prioritise the relationship with each customer

At LOBA, we work and construct ZOHO solutions so that for each customer their business is always first place. 

We combine your vision with or know-how

At LOBA, we know that no two challenges are the same. Nor is there a single solution. Success is not a functionality that can just be implemented. It is a path that must be designed and tread.

Metrics, trends and analysis

Because the pathways towards the future have already been drawn, it is crucial to ensure the collection, correlation and interpretation of all the data.

People are the main resource of any business

At LOBA, we are specialists in optimising processes and in promoting centralised access to the information of each employee.

Complete solutions for your business

At LOBA, we adopt a 360-degree approach to our client's business.

You are already our client?

You are already use Zoho but want some solutions to be more personalised?

As a Zoho Premium Partner, we have sufficient experience and specialisation to help your business use your platform even better.

We can help you construct long-term goals or search for fast responses and results.
We have experience with different types of business ventures of any size. 

Talk to us! 

let's work together

why LOBA

We are your partner for the digital transformation of your business.

At LOBA we know that agility, flexibility and proximity create confidence in success. The focus on our customers makes us work to provide a better experience for the customers of our customers.

We have a highly qualified team with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the entire Zoho platform.
Working with LOBA is a learning, discovery and growth experience.

Our work process

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