Marketing cloud

What makes us different?

LOBA is the ideal partner to integrate Marketing Cloud.

We centre the Marketing actions on your customers. Automate and personalise campaigns, optimise data to boost interactions and increase business opportunities. 

Share relevant content, at the right moments, in the most appropriate channels for each customer, to create solid relationships with consumers. Have access to intelligent and reliable data to define your marketing success.

  • Journey builder
  • Email Studio
  • Audience Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Interaction Studio

Journey builder

Use marketing automation to create a personalised customer journey for e-mail, mobile, IoT, websites, campaigns, and offer an efficient experience in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service.

Email Studio

Create personalised email campaigns with the best platform for marketing by e-mail in the world.

Audience Studio

Create a unique vision of each customer, by compiling information from any source. Then, direct target groups and specific segmentations throughout the consumer’s entire journey. Move from data management to building relationships.

Mobile Studio

Personalise mobile interactions, including SMS, push notifications and chat messages.

Social Studio

Listen, publish and interact with your customers in social network channels.

Advertising Studio

Segment individualised advertising using your CRM data to acquire and foster customer loyalty.

Interaction Studio

View, monitor and manage customer experiences in real time, promoting a valuable relationship at the right time, precisely with your preferred target group.

Our mission

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