brand strategy

How are we different?

It all begins with the strategy. Everything is done by it. Nothing is done without it.

It embodies the intention and intelligence guiding the creativity. It’s what allows us to find good opportunities and achieve goals. Strategy is the best path for success. 

We adore challenges, search for results. We put all of our talent and knowledge into helping business to grow. 

This is a service for Brands that are still seeking to affirm their identity in the market.

We want to hear the voice of each Brand when we ask it: who are you? what do you represent? what do you believe in? how do you want to be perceived? how do you want to be remembered?

  • Market analysis
  • Naming
  • Positioning
  • Properties
  • Values
  • Tone of voice
  • Content strategy

Market analysis

The market is an immense crowd of brands and products.

It is necessary to get to know them well so that they are not yet another pixel in the general picture. And no one wants to repeat mistakes or ignore the best examples.

Getting to know the market environment enables focusing on a differentiating approach.

A sound prior study is focused on the perceptions about brands, identifying needs and opportunities to work on.


The name identifies, personalises, embodies

The name opens up a vast number of possibilities for communication and sharing. A name sticks in people’s memory, arouses emotions. A name appears to have already been born with a life story to tell.


The best positioning for a brand is always in the heart of its customers.

At LOBA, we help brands to become visible, to find their unique territory in the market and better define their promise. 


Because all brands have weight, size and occupy space.

They have characteristics that the consumers will label.
Brands may and should choose properties that they are always able to deliver and fulfil.


Brands believe and make others believe.

Values connect the brand to the customer and generate a more intrinsic preference. 
These values are inseparable from the company’s culture. They identify what the customers also believe and should be actively practised in communication.

Tone of voice

The best ideas are not always heard.

Connection to target groups is also done through the tone with which they are shared.
In order to speak to people’s hearts, the brand’s voice should possess unique features, in line with its own personality and adjusted to the personas with whom it interacts.

Content strategy

It’s time to talk about contents.

The language and the means which we will use to seduce, mobilise, grow or create loyalty.
If every picture is worth a thousand words, each phrase could trigger a thousand pictures.

why LOBA

At LOBA, we supervise brands from their birth up to a more mature age.

We were present helping those first steps, but also at more hectic moments of growth and change. We are long-standing partners, when brands value stable connections, but always focused on keeping the relationship with its customers lively and intense.

We can help in the definition of strategy, but also in any design challenge or in the digital life of your brand.

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