Service Cloud

Customer service is all the support you offer your customers, whether before, during or after the purchase, and that helps them to have an excellent experience with your company. Service is therefore an extremely important part of what your brand means to customers.

Service Cloud


Service Console

centralizes all the necessary information from customers, where employees can manage cases faster, track customer history, view panels, in a single view.


Live chat

 Live Agent is an online tool that allows the customer to communicate with a service employee via the Web.


Self-service portals

The Service Cloud Communities feature allows the creation of self-service portals and discussion forums, for customers to quickly get the answers they need, while also giving their employees the possibility to interact on these channels with customers.


Knowledge base

Whether for customer self-service or to allow employees to find the right answers more quickly, knowledge management is one of the best ways to offer exceptional customer service.


Video support

 it is possible to integrate customer support resources such as information, case management, Live Agent (conversation) and with the SOS video conversation, without difficulties. Customers and employees can solve problems faster, wherever they are.


Field service

From phone to field service, Field Service Lightning is the right way to ensure that you offer customer service through face-to-face interactions. Create work orders, send the appropriate field worker to the task and monitor their performance.


Social service

With Service Cloud's customer service tools, your team will be able to create, edit and track performance on most social networks.


Intelligent call routing

Omni-Channel Presence and Routing helps provide smarter, faster service. Helping to direct the work to the most appropriate and available employee, the task is always associated with the person with the right knowledge and time to solve the problem.

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