Sales Cloud

Empower the sales team, and be able to control all leads, generate more business and retain your customers.

Sales Cloud


Choose the Leader platform in the Market

For the 14th consecutive year, Salesforce has been named Leader of the Gartner Magic Quadrant in Sales Force Automation (SFA).


Lead Management

Track your leads from the first click until the deal closes and, at the same time, continuously optimize your campaigns across all channels. Forward and assign leads to the right people, with automatic targeting.


Account and Contact Management

Have a complete view of the entire customer flow, including activity history, important contacts, customer communications and internal discussions related to the account.



Get all the details of your team's negotiations by phase, products, competition, quotes and more. Stay connected to the people and information you need to close all sales.


Workflow and approval

Use Visual Workflow to quickly create and automate any business process with a simple drag-and-drop. And promote success with flexible approval processes for discounts, expenses and other information about negotiations. Achieve automation of business processes, easily, quickly and with a vision always focused on the customer.


Email integration

Use the email applications you already know, like Gmail or Outlook. Sync everything from contacts and events to tasks and more with Salesforce. Thus, everyone can be productive working directly in the mailbox and increasing agility.


Tracking goals and KPI’s

With Salesforce you can track and measure all your goals, by salesperson, by market area or even by customer. With the dashboards and reports you can have all the metrics in a dynamic, simple way and that can be subscribed with the desired regularity.


Sales forecast

Based on the entire history of opportunities, see the team's forecasts at a glance and always stay up to date with your business and the forecast of achievement of objectives.


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