The Salesforce Platform has everything you need to create, run and optimize trusted applications that connect employees, interact with customers and relate all data, for any business purpose.



Key Salesforce Platform features and functionality

  • Building Low-Code Applications
  • No-Code process automation
  • Ready to use apps and components on the App Exchange
  • Exclusive Low-Code application for mobile solutions
  • Robust and documented architecture for advanced solutions
  • 3 Releases per year with new features and functionality

With an inexhaustible possibility of use cases for any type of business, Salesforce Platform allows:

Make any department in your company more productive and integrated, with a customer-centric focus
Create incredible experiences in a secure, scalable online environment with personalized content that attracts the customer to your brand
Simplify development processes and maximize productivity with an unrivaled set of dev tools
Easily integrate data from other company systems using point and click tool


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