Pardot is Salesforce's B2B lead cultivation and marketing automation tool.



Lead Management

Manage your leads with an intelligent and automated nurturing process, which interacts, qualifies and segments the leads through dynamically personalized content, based on the data


Lead Generation

Build personalized Landing Pages and progressive forms of data capture in each interaction, with easy-to-use templates and editors, or customized with advanced web programming techniques.


Social Media

Track prospects' interactions with your social campaigns and easily schedule your posts across multiple platforms.


Email Marketing

Build emails intuitively, with responsive content and modern and customized templates, which can be tested and optimized continuously, as the results of interactions are measured.


ROI Reporting

Measure and track the performance of campaigns with reports by channel, connected with data from sales results. Identify the capture of attention generated by your content and all the metrics for clicks, openings and access quantities.


Pardot Einstein

Take full advantage of artificial intelligence with the insights to monitor and analyze Pardot data, and prioritize the work of the Marketing and Sales teams, whether with campaigns behavior, or lead scoring.

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