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Do you want to offer your customers a unique and satisfying shopping experience? Your eCommerce is the key to achieving this goal. At LOBA, we offer specialized consulting services to ensure that your eCommerce is continuously generating business.

Our experts will work with you from architecture to the implementation of the best digital experience, ensuring that each element is carefully thought out to promote trust in your brand. With integrated and personalized solutions, we help drive the growth of your online business and maximize the potential of your sales.


Online Store


Our team of eCommerce development experts applies a rigorous methodology to build your online store in a solid and successful manner.

We start with an analysis phase where we study your specific needs, identify your target audience, and understand your business goals. Then, we plan the store's architecture and define the structure of categories, pages, and functionalities.

In the design and development phase, our team uses the best tools to create an attractive and responsive layout, providing an excellent shopping experience across different devices. We implement eCommerce features following industry best practices, such as smart shopping carts, related and recommended products, secure payment gateway integration, and order tracking functionalities.

Before the launch, we dedicate time to rigorous testing to ensure that all features are functioning correctly and that the store is optimized for speed and performance. We conduct usability, security, and compatibility tests, ensuring the best possible user experience.

We offer continuous support and maintenance for your online store, managing security updates, functionality adjustments, and performance monitoring.


eCommerce Performance

We are experts in creating strategies that capture visitors, convert them into customers, and provide reasons for them to return and make repeat purchases.

We develop personalized strategies to drive traffic to your eCommerce site. We utilize SEO optimization techniques, content marketing, and online advertising to attract qualified visitors.

To convert visitors into customers, we implement a streamlined and intuitive shopping experience. We optimize navigation, facilitate product search, and implement a fast and secure checkout process.

We also create customer retention strategies to encourage customers to come back and make repeat purchases, including reward programs, exclusive discounts for loyal customers, and targeted email marketing campaigns offering relevant content and attractive promotions.

We constantly monitor the performance of your online store, including conversion rates, average time on site, shopping cart abandonment, and more. Based on this information, we continuously adjust the strategy, optimizing areas that need improvement and leveraging growth opportunities.



We offer a comprehensive FullCommerce service, where we not only implement your online store but also take responsibility for order management, logistics, invoicing, and customer support.

We provide dedicated and personalized customer support, answering questions, resolving issues, and handling any requests promptly and efficiently. We build strong relationships with your customers, ensuring they receive exceptional service and become advocates for your brand.

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