What is Happiness at LOBA?

Happiness at LOBA is a consequence of the organizational culture and atmosphere that we experience every day. 

At LOBA, the informal and relaxed atmosphere allows us to be ourselves. We can laugh, and still be competent. 

Transparency in decisions and processes gives us the openness to question and participate. The autonomy and responsibility that we have make us feel like LOBA is a bit of all of us, and that it is made of all of us. 

Happiness at LOBA means, above all, feeling like Lobatics. It means trusting each other to clarify a doubt, find a solution or discuss an idea.

It's staying positive and believing that we will find the best solution, regardless of the adversities. It is knowing that the path is made by walking, and that tomorrow, we will be better than yesterday.

It's knowing that there is always someone there to listen to us, to advise us, and to help us. It's sharing the same values and a single purpose: to provide an excellent Customer Experience to our Customers' Customers. 

It's knowing that the Board is always just a Cliq away. That our colleagues and team leaders care beyond the professional side. It's having amazing events and Summits

It's having coffee and a piece of fruit always at hand. It's being able to make mistakes and fail, knowing that it's a learning opportunity. It's being together every Friday at nine in the morning. 

It's knowing that the colleague next to you will help you if you ask him or her to. It's ending the week with Hugo's inspirational quote. It's surprising colleagues and customers, and being surprised ourselves.

It's being proud to be Lobatics. 

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