Team building in companies: The LOBA Summit example

Keeping work teams motivated is crucial to the success of a company, regardless of its size or business area. As such, many companies have for some years now implemented team building events, which aim to promote the integration of newcomers, foster communication between colleagues, and create a sense of belonging, usually by means of specific events where new connections are intended to be made, and existing ones fortified. These are usually informal moments that take place during reserved and planned work hours, that shift the focus away from routine and reinforce the importance of teamwork.

These initiatives are becoming increasingly important, especially at a time when many companies are adopting full or hybrid modes of remote work, with inherently fewer opportunities for employees and teams to socialize.

The LOBA Events
At LOBA, the success and well-being of our team is important, which is why we hold the LOBA Summit every year. Organized at the very beginning of the year, the LOBA Summit is an event that brings together people from our four offices - Oliveira de Azeméis, Guarda, Aveiro and Lisbon - in a day filled with playful moments, but also a lot of reflection. Throughout the day we intersperse presentations by team directors and guest speakers with the analysis of the results of the past year and future goals. Always, of course, with some moments of fun in between and the awarding of prizes for the employees.


loba summit audience

This year we met again, after a long period of pandemic and remote work, in a space with all safety standards guaranteed. The chance of being together and the feeling of seeing again “live” the faces that for so long were only behind the screen was very gratifying, and this was felt at every moment of the day.
In addition to the LOBA Summit, we also organize quarterly events - which we also held, virtually, during the pandemic - in order to bring people together and share moments.

andre leonardo presentation

Benefits of Team Building

Positive organizational culture 
The organizational culture is nothing more than a reflection of the values, actions, and behavior of the people who work in a company.
That's exactly why it is so important to invest in practices that make the organizational environment more pleasant, collaborative, and interesting to employees. Promoting team building activities is one of the ways to build and improve the culture of a company in a practical way.

Encourages skills development
Team Building actions encourage team bonds and help develop important skills such as commitment, agility, analytical skills, and leadership.

Improves internal communication
These initiatives increase proximity between employees, ultimately strengthening the relationship between teams and contributing to more cooperation and integration on a daily basis. Integrated teams usually produce more and feel more motivated to achieve goals.

Decreases people turnover
Today, studies indicate that employees are beginning to value even more the so-called ‘emotional salary’. Therefore, fun team building activities that make the employees' day-to-day life lighter are seen as important benefits.

Increases productivity    
Group activities have the power to increase employee motivation and productivity. Getting out of the routine makes employees feel more relaxed and gain energy to face the next challenges at work.
These activities allow employees to get out of the automatic work mode and socialize with other people. All of this is extremely positive for the performance of an employee, who, at the end of the day, tends to feel more motivated to produce more and better.

Employer branding
Corporate happiness is increasingly valued by employees working in companies and by potential candidates. Team Building ends up being, therefore, a strategy for Employer Branding, helping the company to build and develop a set of values that define its brand.


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