From the highest city, we see the world

The privileged location of Guarda - at the same distance from Lisbon and Madrid - has been an attraction for companies from several business areas. It is also here that the LOBA office, with its team of nearly 20 lobatics that are full of drive and attitude, is located.

Escritório Guarda 1
Escritório Guarda 2

The city of the 5 F's

As the saying goes, Guarda is Forte (Strong), Farta (Plentiful), Fria, (Cold), Fiel (Loyal) e Formosa (Beautiful). This is the city that gets painted white in the winter, making all the lobatics of other offices jealous of its beauty. There's also plenty of fresh air, good food and good cheer. 


Escritório Guarda 3
Escritório Guarda 4

01Independent meeting and training rooms

02Auditorium with 70 seats

03Plentiful parking in the surrounding area

04Dining and social area fully equipped

05The only one with snow in winter

06Good regional gastronomy

07The Office with the best snacks

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