The values of Trust, Positivity and Innovation at LOBA


Working at LOBA means working in a collaborative environment. We operate in a network system, based on a highly technological production system. Each of us plays an individual role, but we depend on each other to deliver the final product to our customers.

We are powered by technology, but the human component is crucial for good performance. Each person has their own role, autonomy in approaching their tasks, taking responsibility for their execution and passing the baton on to the colleague to follow up. It is a team effort, where trust and competence are the basis of all the work.

Although surrounded by innovation, we work with people at all times. It is with them that we think, plan, execute and feel. Whether it's our clients, our managers, colleagues or partners, this is a job where the human relationship is above any other relationship. Therefore, empathy - the ability to put ourselves in the other's shoes - is fundamental for the process to unfold in a healthy way. Where there are people, there will always be conflict, and conflict is not necessarily negative. Rather, it is an opportunity for us to debate points of view and, with positivity and critical spirit, arrive at the best solution for our Clients' Clients. 

Good communication is the key to dealing with each other, be it through transparency, managing expectations or, often, by simply listening actively. Nevertheless, the art of asking the right questions at the right time has the ability to strengthen the sharing with the client, thus increasing the quality of delivery.

Everyone at LOBA has the opportunity to develop all these soft skills. However, this need is even more pronounced in the role of Project Management or Commercial Management, as we constantly communicate with work teams and with customers and partners. We are the bridge of communication and the message must always be as clear as possible. It is fundamental to have the ability to deal with diversity and adversity and to understand how rich this possibility is.

Along the way there will be failures, setbacks and different interpretations. As we get more experience, the mistakes will be different and the learning will multiply. For this to happen, it is necessary to make an analysis during and at the end of the project, to record positive points and points for improvement, sharing it with the team. 

Moreover, our clients' opinion is very important to us. It is essential to interpret the way we are being perceived by those who trusted us, since the Client becomes part of our work team from the moment he accepts the proposal to work with LOBA. Your knowledge about your business is immeasurable and we can only gain if we involve you in a dynamic way.

This ability to be connected for the sake of an idea that will materialise in a project is highly powerful. It is contagious and a driver of creativity and collaboration.

Another important value in this networking system is sharing and LOBA is keen to raise it consistently. Every Friday we have our Spread the Move moment, where each of the “Lobáticos” has the opportunity to share an experience of their choice, sounding out the team on some idea or simply having the chance to make themselves known to a universe of almost 120 employees

In a business context, so often measured by competitiveness and productivity - values further accentuated by the pandemic context - it is urgent to cement human relationships. 

Think, connect and grow, always as a team!


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