Branding & Storytelling: two inseparable realities

Nowadays, the division between Brand Management and Storytelling makes less and less sense. On its own, an image alone is not worth a thousand words; they need to work together to communicate, inspire and gain a place of prominence in an increasingly competitive market.

Many creatives are designers because they like to tell stories through visual storytelling. Many creatives are copywriters because they write metaphors that leap off the sheet of paper. We tell stories through images and text, united in unique creative concepts that make a difference in people's lives and create value for end consumers.

For a story, we need to invent or reinvent a character, giving it a name (naming), a purpose (claim) and a look (visual identity). When we have these elements, we can start creating the story. In this context, the focus is not on the products or services that the brand provides. The brand's story should follow a strong and unique script, based on its values, personality, mission and vision. This script will be the soul of the brand's story, and when well achieved, will generate identification and conquer its audience.

Everyone has a story to tell, and brands are no exception

All brands want to tell stories, but only a few brands know how to tell them. A storytelling narrative needs to have an element of surprise - nobody wants to know about the dog that bit the man, but we all want to know about the man who bit the dog. The key is in how we tell the story, formulating it in such a way that the audience can relate and feel drawn into it. 

Brands are a glass half full, never half empty

And because we are talking about glasses, let's talk about wines. There are many of them! How can a wine brand distinguish itself in such a competitive market? Through a story. However, we must not forget that the story we tell attracts, but is not synonymous with loyalty - it happens, for example, if the consumption experience does not meet expectations. The designer's work ends when the final client, in the middle of a shelf full of wines, chooses ours. But the experience is just beginning. Brands are evaluated by much more than just their products; they are also evaluated by the experience and the memories they leave in people.

The challenge that brands face today, more than ever, is to make the customer relate to them and maintain a relationship with them and their products. This will only be possible if a relevant story is told, one that adapts to the times, and that can be retold, and unfolded in new narratives, always in a coherent way, in the most diverse means of communication. Only then will it not be forgotten. 

To be anonymous in a competitive world is to die

Behind a great brand, there is always a team of people who imagine and create it through images and words. This is also the case with this article, which was written in partnership with our brand strategist, Joana Guita

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