Joana Guita - LOBA

Joana Guita

Brand Strategist

I was born in the south, where the mythical EN2 ends. Today, I'm from Lisbon @heart and now with the North as my lobatic orientation. I love writing and, between the lines, giving
voice to brands and meaning to business as Brand Strategist.

I took Communication Sciences at Universidade Nova de Lisboa to be a journalist and went on to a Postgraduate Diploma in Communication and Image(IADE) and several courses in
creative writing, because I soon realized that I like concepts more than facts and being behind the scenes than on the stage.

Hugs and traveling is what I miss the most and I have my bags packed ready to land in the arms of whoever is ready to welcome me. In addition to writing plays and other stories, I am a horticulturist and grow ideas, carrots and seasonal fruits in my urban garden with 88m2 in the center of Lisbon.

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