Located in Fafe, in the northern region of the country, the company is one of the main employers in the area, currently employing over 400 workers.

Lingote has the capacity to develop products in collaboration with its clients, from the initial concept to the final product. With a specialized support team, clients are guided on a daily basis in transforming ideas into aluminum profiles.

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Salesforce & Lingote

The implementation of the Salesforce tool has helped improve the workflow of Lingote's sales and quality teams, with the following main objectives:

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360º business vision

With its data management and analysis features, we are able to follow the entire lifecycle of our customers, from first contact to final delivery. Additionally, the integration of the Quality team in Saleforce gives us a global vision that allows us to identify areas for improvement, optimise operational efficiency and make informed strategic decisions.

Process Automation

By creating custom rules and automations, we were able to automate routine tasks such as opportunity tracking, order processing and reporting. This has resulted in reduced time spent on manual activities, improved overall efficiency of commercial and customer support processes.

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  • Leads and Opportunities Management
  • Development of automatisms to optimize the response of commercials to opportunities and leads
  • Account and Contact Management
  • 360º vision on customers, allowing the analysis of opportunities, orders, invoices, as well as the registration of all activities and interactions related to them.
  • Generate documentation in different languages according to each market.
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Case management

  • Customer support,
  • Management of the entire complaints and non-conformities process,
  • Customer response at various stages of the case flow,
  • Creation of Email-to-Case,

Quality team:

  • Automatic creation and sending of surveys,
  • Calendar and Outlook email management,
  • Visualization of business metrics and platform usage,
  • Email sending according to the customer's language.


Management of the entire sales and quality flow in the same platform,


Organization of all customer documentation in Salesforce,

 Vision 360º

Control of the entire pipeline across various markets.


We create an optimized Importer, adapted to the business

  • Products,
  • Tooling,
  • Orders,
  • Invoices,
  • Credit Notes.

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