Liliana Venâncio - LOBA

Liliana Venâncio

salesforce project manager

I was born in a town near Spain, about 3 km far, near Coa River spring, in 1993. I consider myself as a fearless and adventurous person.I consider myself a fearless and adventurous person.  I love to travel, and did it for one month non stop, without any type of planning. I recommend it, unless you have heart problems.

I graduated in Communication Design and Audiovisual Post-production. I chose that course because I love to create and communicate. After that I took a cooking course. I dreamed about being a chef, but soon I realized that what I actually love doing is creating and talking with others. I still love to cook, travel and meet new cultures through new flavors.. Nowadays I only cook for friends and family.

I’m in Loba because I believe this is a place where I can grow professionally and as a person.

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