António Vicente - LOBA

António Vicente

salesforce developer

If Paulo Portas and Diana Chaves had a son... It wouldn't be me, the son would be the Keyholder.....Let's go then!

I am from funchal, in the big island of Madeira, and I came to Guarda to study sports (Before you ask, I entered by the fifth option), but as the zumba was not for me I decided to go for Multimedia Communication, and I discovered a unique quality of pass, that allows me to make triangulations of enormous quality by the lines of code that I create.

In my free time, I love to act out the best scenes from The Lion King with my dog, play bass, spend some time on the computer and watch series and films with my partner in crime.

A great quality of mine is having a finger for cooking, and as the saying goes "You win a man/woman over by their belly", so it's safe to say it was worth learning to cook.

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