12 partners

8 countries

€ 3.095.068,75 funding

3.5 years (2018-2021)


Ended project

Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) aimed at enabling a preventative, evidence-based and sustainable approach to tackling high-impact petty crime, resulting in greater openness to innovation and design approaches amongst LEAs and security policymakers across Europe.

The CCI project focuses on crimes that impact negatively on citizens and their communities — including violent assault, robbery, burglary and anti-social behaviour — and the feelings of insecurity that such problems can create.

The CCI project developed bespoke support tools, resources and guidance materials (what we term ""toolkits""). These will enable police forces and policymakers in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Portugal and Spain to implement effective practice.

CCI also aims to encourage wider adoption of effective approaches to safety and security across Europe. CCI developed an extended European Security Model that includes high-impact crime and citizens’ feelings of insecurity.

Plataforma para a Polícia de Manchester - CCI

Platform for the Greater Manchester Police

Toolkit CML - Comunidades Mais Seguras

Tool for Lisbon Municipal Police

Toolkit LKA - Materiais para a LKA (Lower Saxony State Office of Criminal Investigation)

Materials for the LKA (Lower Saxony State Office of Criminal Investigation)

Organização e Comunicação de Conferência - CCI

Conference Organisation and Communication

Ferramenta para o Governo da Catalunha - CCI

La Percepció Importa Tool - CCI

Ferramenta para a Polícia da Estónia - CCI

Building Safer Cities Tool - CCI

Interação com os Media - CCI

Media Relations

Webinars - CCI


Newsletters - CCI


Factsheets, Policy Briefings, Practice Sheets - CCI

Factsheets, Policy Briefings, Practice Sheets

Redes Sociais - CCI

Social networks

Ferramenta para a Polícia Nacional da Holanda - CCI

Tool for the National Police of the Netherlands

Identidade Visual - CCI


Kit de Comunicação

Communication Kit

Materiais para a Polícia de Manchester - CCI

Materials for the Greater Manchester Police

CCI - cutting crime impact


Our role

As consortium member of CCI, LOBA is the dissemination, communication and exploitation leader of the project.

This entailed that throughout almost 4 years, among many tasks, LOBA was in charge of 1) developing the strategy for the project communication activities, 2) creating the project visual identity, 3) developing the exploitation, innovation and IPR management plans, 4) designing and producing the project communication materials (videos, factsheets, practicesheets, policy briefings, brochures, communication kit, etc.), 5) desigining, creating and managing the CCI website, 6) creating and maintaing the project mailing list and disseminating periodic newsletters, 7) managing the participation in events for LEAs, security policy makers and civil society organisations as well as in international conferences including papers and information stands, 8) develop press releases and interact with the media to promote the project and its findings, 9) and to develop and deliver the final CCI conference event.

In addition to these, LOBA had a very relevant participation in the development of the LEAs tools, having participated and contributed in the design labs for their conceptualisation and having produced the majority of the visual identity and materials of the toolkits (several websites, platforms, brochures, booklets, etc.). LOBA also promoted the 10 webinars organised by the project.

Finally, LOBA managed the reporting of communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports.  

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