30 partners

17 countries

€ 11 999 722,50 funding

4 years (2020-2024)


Ongoing project

AI4Media is a project funded under the European Union´s Horizon 2020 program, which aims to deliver the next generation of core Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances to the Media sector, making sure that the European values of ethical and trustworthy AI are embedded in future AI developments.

The project is composed by 30 institution and it aspires to become a Centre of Excellence and a wide network of researchers across Europe and beyond, joining forces to reimagine AI as a crucial and beneficial tool at the service of Society and the Media.

The project expects to create a support base for researchers in the field of media-related AI research, strengthen the interaction between academia and industry; financially assist the external exploitation of ideas; promote ethical AI, guided by European values, towards assuming a global leading role in the field of Media; demonstrate AI applications in real-world challenges; generate a set of tangible breakthroughs, novel algorithms and technologies and enrich the EU AI-on-demand-platform.

Kit de Comunicação (Promocionais, Estacionário, etc)

Communication Kit

Vídeo - AI4Media


AI4MEDIA Website


AI4MEDIA Branding


Our role

In the AI4Media project, LOBA is the consortium partner in charge of leading the project's communication and dissemination of project activities and results, being mainly in charge of:

- Developing (and updating) the Communication Strategy and Plan
- Conceptualizing and developing the project Branding and Visual Identity
- Develop, maintain and promote the project Website for AI4media and upgrade the website for the AI Doctoral Academy AIDA
- Feeding, developing content (copy, images, video, etc.), promoting campaings for the project Social Media channels
- Creating the concept, branding, naming and communication materials for the project's own events, setting up livestreaming and developing materials for its promotion and organization (cover, videos, agenda, flyer, etc.)
- Set up and distribute dedicated newsletters
- Developing actionable knowledge steaming from outcomes from project activities and reports which were more accessible and engaging for the target groups, such as factsheets, infographics, videos.
- Developing several communication materials to promote the project (brochure, presentation, promotional video, pop-up booth, posters, roll-up, business cards etc).
- Develop press releases and distributing them to it's database of more than 800k journalists worldwide
- Reporting the communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports. 

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