14 partners

8 countries

3,5 years (2015-2018)

€ 6.079.642,50 funding


Ended project

The AEGLE project promoted an European business ecosystem to healthcare stakeholders, industry and researchers for creating out-of-box knowledge in order to provide cloud and HPC data services and support new products that will improve health.

The AEGLE project aimed to build an innovative ICT solution addressing the whole data value chain for health based on cloud computing enabling dynamic resource allocation, HPC infrastructures for computational acceleration and advanced
visualization techniques. 
AEGLE had the main goals:
- Realize a multiparametric platform using algorithms for analysing big biodata including features such as volume properties, communication metrics and bottlenecks, estimation of related computational resources needed, handling data versatility and managing velocity
- Address the systemic health big bio-data in terms of the 3V multidimensional space, using analytics based on PCA techniques
- Demonstrate AEGLE’s efficiency through the provision of aggregated services covering the 3V space of big biodata. Specifically it will be evaluated in: a)big biostreams where the decision speed is critical and needs non-linear and multi-parametric estimators for clinical decision support within limited time, b)big-data from non-malignant diseases where the need for NGS and molecular data analytics requires the combination of cloud located resources, coupled with local demands for data and visualization, and finally c)big-data from chronic diseases including EHRs and medication, with needs for quantified estimates of important clinical parameters, semantics’ extraction and regulatory issues for integrated care
- Bring together all related stakeholders, leading to integration with existing open databases, increasing the speed of AEGLE adaptation
- Build a business ecosystem for the wider exploitation and targeting on cross-border production of custom multilingual solutions based on AEGLE

Conferência Final

Final Conference

Kit de Comunicação

Communication Kit

Webinars Demonstrativos

Demo Webinars

Relatórios "AEGLE in Your Country"

"AEGLE in Your Country" reports

Entrevistas a End-Users

Interviews to End Users

Front-end da UI da Plataforma Biolytica

Front-end of Biolytica platform UI

Biolytica tutorial vídeo

Biolytica tutorial video

Branding e Website Biolytica

Biolytica branding and website

Participação em Eventos

Participation at Events

Interação com os Media

Media relations



Redes Sociais

Social Media

Vídeos dos Use Cases

Use Case Videos





Our role

In the AEGLE project LOBA was the consortium partner in charge of leading the project's communication and dissemination of results.

This entails leading the tasks that aim to 1) raise awareness about the project results and activities, 2) carry out professional marketing actions – digital and offline/traditional, 3) set up and maintain social media activities (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and relevant blogs), 4) prepare press releases and selected other materials for dissemination to the media and other stakeholders in all Member States, 5) convene a final workshop including a press conference, 6) develop an organizational structure for exploitation and sustainability of the project

As communication leader, LOBA created and implemented the branding and developed and implemented the communication strategy. This entailed developing and updating throughout the project a communication kit with several materials, launching several newsletters, organizing demonstrations, participating at events to promote the project, developing demonstration and promotional videos, managing scientific publications and other materials (posters and white papers), etc.

LOBA was also the partner in charge of the front-end system of the AEGLE platform (now called Biolytica).
Additionally LOBA created and managed several communication channels such as an insitutional website for the project, an exploitation website for Biolytica, created and managed social media pages, among others.
Finally, LOBA managed the reporting of communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports.  

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