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More agile recruitment and expert teams with Zoho Recruit

At LOBA, we seek to automate all every day, more bureaucratic tasks, to free us up for more motivating tasks that require critical thinking, in which each person can make a difference. In the people management area, we have Zoho's HR applications as allies, allowing us to manage all the employees information, salary processing, performance evaluation and many other needs.

In the People & Culture department, we are two elements exclusively focused on managing more than 120 people. Through these applications, we're able to be more efficient, and get rid of the recurring tasks to focus on how to improve LOBA's culture and the team satisfaction and happiness.

Today, I want to show you how one of Zoho's HR apps help us analyse and respond to all the candidates that apply to LOBA.

We manage our recruitment and selection process through Zoho Recruit. This tool allows us to create the vacancies we want to fill and the information about the profiles we want to hire. It is also where the profiles of the candidates and other information is saved, later allowing us to extract metrics to evaluate each process.

Why do we see Zoho Recruit as our ally?

Apart from allowing us to access all the information in real time, the platform proves to be an asset when we parameterize it according to our processes and the way we work. This means that the stages of the different processes and respective approvals are reflected in the application. 

On the other hand, we can access information and history in a centralised way, always associated with each vacancy. But what we don't really do without are the parameterisable evaluation scales that are set accordingly to the requirements of each vacancy. At LOBA, we aim to recruit the right people and retain and develop our talents, and in this respect, the contribution of Zoho Recruit is indispensable. 

It is each Lobatic who makes the difference and adds value to our projects, so recruiting the right person, in the right place, at the right time is extremely important to us.

The right person is the one who has the necessary knowledge and experience, and whose attitude and values line with our Lobatics attitude and values. These evaluation scales allow us to evaluate each candidate objectively, taking into account the knowledge they demonstrate and their attitudes and behaviour. At the end of the process, we are certain that we do have the right person.

Another feature of Zoho Recruit that we really value is the ease with which we can give feedback to each candidate. We believe this is the least we can do for those who have spent part of their time applying for a position at LOBA.

The application also has the advantage of being updated frequently, allowing us to improve our processes and automate what can be automated. 

Another undeniable advantage is the fact that we have an internal team with in-depth knowledge of the Zoho Recruit application, and that helps us get the most out of the tool and parameterise everything according to our needs. And together, with the help of Zoho Recruit, we have grown.

Want to know more about how the ZOHO Recruit tool can help your company's recruitment processes? 

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