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Marketing automation

Marketing is not only about data, but also about people and, above all, how to reach each individual need and desire of our target audience. For this, we require tools that allow us to target the right content at the right time to our potential customers, and this is where marketing automation makes perfect sense.

Marketing automation is the use of technology in marketing with the purpose of simplifying and optimizing processes, making them more effective. It's not just about sending automatic emails, it's about using technology to be able to follow the trajectory of our lead/contact in an automated and customized way. 

ZOHO Campaigns is one of several tools from ZOHO, LOBA’s partner that provides complete solutions for marketing automation in your business. Besides allowing you to synchronize ZOHO Campaigns with various E-Commerce tools (such as WooCommerce or Shopify), it allows you to bring your leads/contacts to ZOHO Campaigns based on certain actions and process automation. We can, for example, determine that when someone leaves a product in the cart, they will immediately receive an email.

Another essential tool of ZOHO Campaigns when talking about marketing automation are the workflows. Through them, we can build in a single flow or many paths, depending on the actions of our lead/contact. 

In this example, we identify one of many workflows that we can follow to automate our processes, which can be edited or deleted at any time. Thus, we can identify three different paths, depending on the action of our lead/contact in the first email:

Path#1 If it was not opened, a new email is sent.
Path#2 If it has been opened, our contact will be given 10 points and a new email will be sent after 4 days.
Path#3 If you have clicked on the link in our e-mail, a survey form with some questions will be sent to you in order to be added to a new list.
Case Study

LOBA works with several clients in the ZOHO environment and often, besides using ZOHO Campaigns as marketing email software, we use ZOHO CRM which allows us to segment our contacts, and ZOHO Analytics which provides the final reports of the whole process.

An example of a customer using this environment is from the automotive industry, where we can apply the above structure. When a lead enters the site of this customer, by showing interest in one of the products, the leads are submitted to the ZOHO CRM. Depending on the follow-up of the lead, it can be segmented by brand/vehicle of interest. 

There is an integration with ZOHO Campaigns, where we'll understand which e-mail marketing cycle is more appropriate, according to the previous CRM path. We can find leads that did not proceed with the purchase and identify, within this customer's environment, what are the reasons for that, such as the high price of the vehicle, the location or if they gave up from the purchase, among others.  At this stage, the importance of marketing automation stands out, because we have several cycles prepared for these different scenarios and, from then on, each contact receives a customized email, according to the reason for the lost sale. 

Besides being able to route the lead to a specific cycle, we can, in the same cycle, customize the email content, using a tool called Dynamic Content. This tool allows us to customize the email content based on specific information from each lead. If you have shown interest in a vehicle from brand "X", we can present you images and content from that same brand, with the advantage that the same email can be customized for more than 10 different brands.

For those who are already contacts, who have a vehicle or other product from this company, there are specific cycles, which allow us to send an email warning of the deadline of one month for the inspection.

One of the biggest benefits of having CRM integrated with ZOHO Campaigns is that we get to know details of the contact, namely vehicles. In this specific cycle, we were able to send the email with all the information of the vehicle (brand, model, version, years of the vehicle...), ensuring that we send a customized and pragmatic content to contacts with more than one vehicle. 

To consolidate this process, a fundamental part is missing - the reports. This is where ZOHO Analytics comes in. Through an integration with ZOHO CRM and ZOHO Campaigns, we can build dashboards that allow us to analyse the number of contacts that entered our cycles, what are the open and click rates, which brands were most impacted and, mainly, which of these leads showed interest in one of our products again, through the email we sent them. We share an example of a dashboard in ZOHO Analytics.

Dashboard Zoho

LOBA is a ZOHO Premium Partner, the most advanced partnership level, which translates into a synergy that allows us to guarantee our clients support and monitoring of best practices in all ZOHO applications in order to boost the reach of their email marketing campaigns and get the insights needed to customize their interactions and strategies and get the best results.

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