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Vídeo Natal Cork Supply

Cork Supply's DS100 Natural is the premium stopper selected for some of the world's most prestigious wines.

The DS100 service performs an exhaustive analysis of carefully selected natural stoppers, with the aim of ensuring maximum sensory neutrality. Each DS100 stopper is analyzed by a panel of highly specialized oenological tasters, ensuring that 100% of the stoppers are free of TCA or any other sensory deviation.  This is what makes them truly unique in the market.

To celebrate 10 years of this premium service, LOBA was challenged to create a Christmas video based on the sounds produced during this process. Those who have the opportunity to watch it cannot remain indifferent to the movements, rhythms and sounds that, like in an orchestra, created melodies that came together in an original and captivating version of the classic Jingle Bells.

Cork Supply - Vídeo - Fullscreen -
Cork Supply - Vídeo - Normal -
Cork Supply - Vídeo - Fullscreen 2 -
Cork Supply - Vídeo - Horizontal -
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Cork Supply - Vídeo - Parallax
Cork Supply - Vídeo - Parallax 2
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Cork Supply - Vídeo - Expansão 2 -


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