Case Study - ColchaoNet


Betercom, Lda
Case Study - ColchaoNet

Its offer stands out for the high quality of its service, as well as its products with the most renowned brands on the market, having as a selection criterion the constant investment in technology and innovation in rest systems.

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  • Increase brand awareness and growth on Social Networks;
  • Enhance visits to physical stores;
  • Increase online sales;
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Defined strategy

After analyzing the general objectives, a marketing plan was prepared, focused on an integrated communication strategy, in which the online campaigns accompanied the communications in stores and in other means used by the brand.

Some of the actions developed in this plan were the following:

  • Preparation of specific content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn;
  • Creating a business account on Instagram;
  • Creation of product catalog on Facebook Store and Instagram Shopping;
  • Implementation of campaigns for community growth and interaction on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Implementation of campaigns in Google Ads;
  • Performance campaigns in Facebook Ads;
  • Creating a Google Merchant Store account;
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In addition to the evident growth of the 3 KPIs, the brand also reinforced its positioning as a recognized brand, specialist in rest.


Sales volume grew


Average ticket increased


Revenue grew


Interactions in publications


Impressions in publications


Likes on publications

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