Cafés Mambo


Cafés Mambo

Without losing its essence, the brand evolves to get closer to people and give a new musicality to their daily lives. It becomes more musical, vibrant and appealing.

Based on LOBA's rebranding work, the brand combines the exoticism of the Lusophone world with the tradition of the Portuguese coffee, bringing a more authentic and human value proposition and an approach to modern visual contexts.

The musicality is in the origin of the name itself - Mambo. The humanization is reinforced through the styling of elements that visually reinforce the symbolic value of coffee.

In addition to the rebranding, LOBA was responsible for re-launching the brand, now more authentic, human, organic and exotic, among national and international audiences.

old & new

Cafés Mambo - Parallax
Cafés Mambo - Parallax 2
Cafés Mambo - Normal -
Cafés Mambo - Horizontal -
Cafés Mambo - Horizontal 2 -
Cafés Mambo - Horizontal 3 -
Cafés Mambo - Parallax 2
Cafés Mambo - Parallax 2.1
Cafés Mambo - Transição -
Cafés Mambo - Transição 2 -
Cafés Mambo - Expansão -
Cafés Mambo - Expansão 2 -
Cafés Mambo - Sobreposição 2 -
Cafés Mambo - Transição Inv 2 -
Cafés Mambo - Transição Inv -
Cafés Mambo - Mobile -
Cafés Mambo - Mobile 2 -
Cafés Mambo - Mobile 3 -

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