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The growth of BOMCAR and the need to boost its communication and proximity to its customers was the motto for the development of its new website, which focuses on lead generation, interaction with regular and new customers, and an improved user journey.

The brand's new website allows customers to enjoy a more refined vehicle search tool, making it easier for them to find the car or motorcycle among the brands represented. This search engine also allows the creation of a filter with available financing options, returning the results that best fit the user's needs. The interface of the vehicle pages was also enhanced, making it possible to schedule a test drive or a virtual visit and request a quote for a used car. This allows the potential customer to, in a simple process, obtain a market value for his current vehicle while negotiating a new one.

The website also has a functionality that allows the user to alternate between day and night mode, adjusting the shades and facilitating the viewing of the site according to his/her preferences.

The website was developed based on WordPress technology and was integrated with multiple platforms that ensure the automatic loading of all the vehicles visible on the website, such as the external used-vehicle quotation processing system that, in real-time, guides the visitor through the process. The website is also integrated with an email marketing platform, ensuring a simplified process of management and launch of periodic campaigns by BOMCAR.


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