Farmácias Praxis


Farmácias Praxis

The project was divided in:

  • Corporate website, to make known the Praxis Group, the pharmacies that are part of the group, namely their location and main contacts, and to promote the D+Vida loyalty program.

  • Online store, with a catalog of more than 3,000 plus products, it also allows customers to buy prescription drugs online. The D+Vida loyalty program is also integrated, allowing regular clients of Praxis pharmacies to benefit from all the advantages associated with it.

Technologically, the project had some challenges, specially the integration of the online store with a well known ERP system and the loyalty program that was based on a proprietary CRM system.

LOBA, with its team of experts in WordPress and Woocommerce, developed the project with a high level of complexity and with several challenges, including ensuring adequate performance for this type of project.


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