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3 years (2016-2019)

€ 6.283.895,00 funding


Ended project

VINEYARD developed an integrated platform for energy-efficient data centres based on new servers with novel, coarse-grain and fine-grain, programmable hardware accelerators. 

Additionally, VINEYARD developed two types of energy-efficient servers integrating two novel hardware accelerator types: coarse-grain programmable dataflow engines and fine-grain all-programmable FPGAs that accommodate multiple ARM cores. 

VINEYARD demonstrated the advantages of its approach in three real use-cases a) a bioinformatics application for high-accuracy brain modelling, b) two critical financial applications and c) a big-data analysis application.

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Cloud Core Accelerators Initiative

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Our role

In the VINEYARD project LOBA was the consortium partner in charge of leading the project's communication, dissemination and exploitation of results.

The goal of was to make the project visible for a wide audience and disseminate the results to relevant groups. This was accomplished in two ways, dissemination of scientific results achieved in the project and general
communication about the project as a whole, the problems we are dealing with and our general objectives.

The primary objectives and tasks that LOBA led were to:
• Disseminate the VINEYARD concept, developments and findings to all key actors in the field, and integrate their feedback to the specification, design, development and evaluation work.
• Develop a project dissemination and communication strategy.
• Execute a concrete set of activities to ensure the success of the communication strategy.
• Develop and maintain a Data Management Plan, describing generated/gathered data and how to access it
• Organize and / or publish results in international journals, conferences, and workshops to inform the scientific community about VINEYARD, its goals, activities and results and to gather valuable information on related issues.
• Organize a contest around the use of the VINEYARD framework that will help to further encourage the use of the VINEYARD framework
• Issue exploitation plans for key project results and oversee IPR management within the project and beyond.
• To monitor and contribute to standardization activities related to application centric networking.

Finally, LOBA managed the reporting of communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports.  

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