19 partners

12 countries

14.638.608 € funding

3 years (2018-2021)


Ended project

EVOLVE was a pan European Innovation Action with 19 key partners from 10 European countries introducing important elements of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud in Big Data platforms taking advantage of recent technological advancements to enable cost-effective applications in 7 different pilots to keep up with the unprecedented data growth we are experiencing.

EVOLVE aimed to build a large-scale testbed by integrating technology from:

- The HPC world: An advanced computing platform with HPC features and systems software.
- The Big Data world: A versatile big-data processing stack for end-to-end workflows. 
- The Cloud world: Ease of deployment, access, and use in a shared manner, while addressing data protection.

EVOLVE aimed to bring the following benefits for processing large and demanding datasets:

- Performance: Reduced turn-around time for domain-experts, industry (large and SMEs), and end-users. 
- Experts: Increased productivity when designing new products and services, by processing large datasets.
- Businesses: Reduced capital and operational costs for acquiring and maintaining computing infrastructure.
- Society: Accelerated innovation via faster design and deployment of innovative services that unleash creativity.

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Our role

"In the EVOLVE project LOBA was the partner in charge of leading the project's communication and dissemination of results. LOBA also led the task of creating and fostering an European ecosystem with stakeholders from the HPC, Big Data and Cloud worlds. 

As communication leader, LOBA created and implemented the branding and developed and implemented the communication strategy. This entailed developing and updating throughout the project a communication kit with several materials, launching several newsletters (with ZOHO technology), organizing webinars, participating at events to promote the project, developing demonstration and promotional videos, managing scientific publications and other materials (posters and white papers), etc.

Additionally LOBA created and managed several communication channels such as an insitutional website for the project (which received international awards) and other webpages to promote the ecosystem and the webinars (with Salesforce technologies), created and managed social media pages, developed and distributed press releases to the media, among others.

Throughout the project LOBA worked closely together with the consortium partners to support their activities, namely LOBA developed several materials for the exploitation of the EVOLVE results with a branding, naming, poster and video for each innovation and a webpage, full video and booklet to promote them as a whole.
LOBA also made sure to create synergies with other projects and initiatives to further disseminate the project findings, such as with BDVA, HiPEAC, TERATEC, SC Conference Series, EuroHPC, ETP4HPC, European Processor Initiative, among others.

In addition, LOBA managed the reporting of communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports.  "

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