13 partners

10 countries

4 years (2021-2025)

€ 6.040.815 funding


Ongoing project

Enxylascope aims at bioprospecting and producing a novel set of xylan debranching enzymes with high catalytic activity and wide operation conditions, thereby demonstrating its ability to make xylan a key ingredient in a variety of consumer products.

During the lifespan of the EnXylaScope, the consortium will do pilot-scale production of 4 enzymes and application testing the xylans for 6 different enzymatically-derived xylan-based consumer products in the categories of Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Personal Care.

Website - EnXylaScope


Identidade Visual - EnXylaScope


Our role

As consortium member of EnXylaScope, LOBA is the dissemination, communication and exploitation leader of the project. This entails leading the tasks that aim to 1) develop the project dissemination and communication strategy and to promote the EnXylaScope concept, developments and findings to all key actors in the field, and integrate their feedback to the specification, design, development and evaluation work; 2) identifiy the exploitation potential of produced results by all project partners; 3) identify and analyse the innovation potential of EnXylaScope; 4) interact with other (EU and national) projects.

Among many tasks, throughout the 4 years (2021-2025) of the project, LOBA is responsible for developing of the project visual identity, creating, monitoring, updating and maintaining with contents the project website and the social media channels, producing and distributing newsletters as well as gaining subscribers, managing the participation at relevant conferences/special meetings/workshops/events and the production of scientific publications, producing all the materials (video, factsheets, brochures, communication kit, etc) to disseminate and communicate the project, overall managing and monitoring all the activities that fall under the "dissemination and communication" categories, and, reporting the communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports.  

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