13 partners

9 countries

3 years (2021-2024)

€ 2 997 156,25 funding


Ongoing project

DIALOGUES will support the Energy Union with operational research on energy citizenship that enables citizens to take a central role in the energy transition. 

DIALOGUES will explore the cultivation of energy citizenship from a variety of dimensions throughout the EU. The findings of the citizen-oriented energy research will improve the understanding of the drivers, barriers and potential of energy citizenship across the Energy Union.



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What we did

In DIALOGUES, LOBA is the organisation in charge of the project’s communication and dissemination. This entails taking the lead on all tasks related to the development of the project dissemination and communication strategy.

LOBA developed the project visual identity, created and animates the project website and social media channels, produces and distributes newsletters and is managing the production of various communication materials (video, factsheets, brochures, etc). Through these, LOBA is looking to promote and disseminate the concept of energy citizenship across different target groups, namely policymakers, the scientific community and citizens.

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