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2 years (2016-2018)

€ 979.438,50 funding


Ended project

The Dandelion project promoted EU-funded projects for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies. By giving tools and guidelines to the dissemination managers towards general public, policy makers, academia and media Dandelion aimed for an improved access to research projects’ data in the future.

Dandelion promoted the work done by inclusive, innovative and reflective societies’ projects on a local, regional and European level by developing and implementing a series of innovative and exciting communications activities aiming to inform, educate and entertain a wide cross section of the European population, policy makers, academics and media.

Dandelion - Website


Our role

LOBA has elaborated and distributed the following materials and activities:

- Public presentation and factsheet: a factsheet and a public presentation to promote the project. This helped to obtain a unique image of the project across Europe.
- Leaflets: designed leaflets present the project and its results. These were used as materials in different events that representatives of the project team could attend.
- Press releases, articles in magazines, electronic publications and local/national press in order to promote the major events of the project.
- Social medias: Direct communication channels with the target audiences to inform them about results, events, news and the status of the project.
- Creation and Maintenance of the web-site
- Offline and Online Communication Guides: One of the Guides, the “Need to publicize SSH/IIRS survey results?

Learn how to reach your target groups”, focuses on providing relevant insights on information dissemination to 4 target groups: general public, policymakers, academia and media. The other Guide, the “Guide to good practices for dissemination and communication managers”, focuses on providing useful information on how to define and implement a strategic dissemination and communication plan for EU-funded projects.

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