13 partners

10 countries

2.996.427,50€ funding

3 years (2018-2021)


Ended project

BIOVOICES aimed at engaging all relevant stakeholder groups “voices” (policy makers, researchers, the business community and the civil society) in order to address societal, environmental and economic challenges related to bio-based products and applications.

The platform developed by BIOVOICES built on the concept the concept of Mobilisation & Mutual Learning Platforms (MML) and methods developed previously in European projects with the ultimate objective of delivering an Action Plan addressing the challenges of raising awareness of and engaging with the citizens on the bio-based products.

Vídeo Final do Projeto

Final Project Video

Kit de Comunicação - Biovoices

Communication Kit

Galeria BioArt - Biovoices

BioArt Gallery

Policy briefs e Planos de ação - Biovoices

Policy briefs and action plan



Livro para crianças BIOVOICES

Book for Kids

Biovoices - Identidade



Promotional Video

Our role

LOBA was responsible for the website, promotional materials, branding, and all necessary printed and mainly digital material (videos, social presence, etc). Besides this. LOBA was responsible for the production of:

- BioArt Book
- Book for Kids
- Organisation and participation at events
- Factsheets
- Educational videos

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