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The bioeconomy focuses on reducing our dependence on resources of fossil origin, ensuring safe and healthy food production and supply. By promoting the sustainable production of renewable resources through the soil, fisheries and aquaculture, the bioeconomy aims to generate new jobs and industries.

However, products of biological origin can only become more economically viable when they include improved and sellable features, and when they guarantee a sustainable performance accepted by society. Studies reveal that many of these new products are still under development and that the traditional products of sustainable origin are not sold as such. It's necessary to change that reality. To enable that, society must be engaged in the development and supply of the Bioeconomy.

The bioeconomy requires the active collaboration of a broad variety of citizens, including people of the area of industry, public authorities, researchers and common citizens.

And this is where the BIOVOICES project enters, ensuring the active engagement of all stakeholders through a platform that will involve a plurality of voices with different perspectives, knowledge and experience. At the same time, it will foster open dialogue, the co-creation of mutual knowledge among those involved.

The video designed, produced and animated by LOBA aims to expose the purpose of the BIOVOICES project and its impact on the development of the bioeconomy through appealing, aggreagting and impacting animation. You can follow the project at

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