24 partners

15 countries

4 years (2022-2025)

€ 8.992.796,00 funding

Horizon Europe

Ongoing project

AI4Europe is the project that will continue to develop the AI-on-demand Platform (AIoD) in the coming years, with additional services and tools.

AIoD serves as a catalyst to aid AI-based innovation, resulting in new products, services, and solutions to benefit European industry, commerce, and society. By bringing people together, the community resource seeks to address the fragmentation of the European AI landscape and facilitate technology transfer from research to business.

AI4Europe builds on the work of the already finished AI4EU project, as well as on an ever-developing ecosystem of European-funded projects related to artificial intelligence.

Our role

As consortium member of AI4Europe, LOBA is the dissemination, communication and exploitation leader of the project. LOBA is in charge of developing the communication strategy of the project as well as define the cooperation guidelines with the other projects that are involved in this CSA. LOBA is in charge of making and communicating the transition from AI4EU to AI4Europe. Additionally, LOBA is in charge of the new user-interface of the AI-on-Demand Platform (AIoD).

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