LOBA at Zoholics Barcelona 2022

Zoho returned to face-to-face events, and LOBA was present at Zoholics Barcelona 2022, an event specially designed for the technology multinational's current and future customers.

The event started with a presentation of Zoho's vision for the coming years, highlighting the fact that it is unique among its peers, as it is a 100% privately held company and profitable from the very first moment - something it intends to maintain in the future.

Zoho's business management strategy was also presented, with a particular mention to the fact that the company has its own data center infrastructure, which helps to keep its licensing prices very competitive, and the fact that it offers 55 applications covering almost all the needs of a company, such as Zoho CRM for sales, Zoho Campaigns and Marketing Automation for marketing and Zoho Recruit and People for Human Resources.

Perhaps the greatest testament to the company's strength and robustness is the fact that its 13,000+ employees only use Zoho apps for their daily operation, which led them to proudly create the motto Zoho Runs On Zoho.

Zoho, of whom LOBA is already a Premium Partner, is the first to test new products and updates and has an internal team dedicated to collecting and organising user feedback, to later share this information with each application's teams.

During the second part of the event, novelties were presented and the respective roadmap of the main applications, reinforcing the vision presented at the last face-to-face event in 2019: turning Zoho into a unified platform, where applications interact with each other at different layers and in a clear way for the user.
In this scope, a system whose introduction is planned for early 2023 is already in beta stage and being tested by partners.

In addition to strengthening the relationship with Zoho and allowing us to be up to date with the news, being present at Zoholics event brings networking opportunities with potential customers and collaboration with other partners.

May the Zoholics 2023 come!

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