How video can be decisive in a good brand strategy

The increasing use of the Internet and the advancement of technologies has deepened the process of fragmentation of the attention of consumers, who now consume content on multiple screens and in a dispersed manner, while performing several tasks simultaneously. Today, consumers are impacted by various media with information about new brands and products in a short period of time.

To adapt to these changes in behavior, we must invest in formats that facilitate the understanding of the message by the user. Several studies show that the video format arouses greater interest among consumers, creating engagement and, thus, boosting sales.

But, let's look at some recent data on the potential of this format.

Science can also explain these numbers. Video explores different perceptions that are unconscious to humans and that hardly other formats can explore. After all, video...

  • Keeps us focused: For survival reasons, the brains of our ancestors developed in such a way that we were more alert to dangers that might arise in their surroundings. Thus, even today, we capture and stay more focused on the movements around us. This is one of the reasons why video is such a successful format.
  • Captivates emotions: As human beings, communication and the creation of narratives are natural to us, and they can also be explored in the audiovisual. This way, video brings the brand closer to the target audience and, consequently, increases the ability to create emotional bonds with the brand. This feature is important at the time of establishing a relationship of trust that will subsequently impact the purchase decision.

Institutional videos are a great example, because by telling the story of a company, they get closer to the target audience and reinforce its values. When we present a brand on video, we humanize it, and help it reach people in an emotional way, as we did in this video for Mesa Ceramics.

Taking these studies into account, brands have begun to introduce video content in their strategies. In addition to entertaining or informing consumers, video allows to demonstrate a product or even how it should be used (video tutorial), which helps the potential customer to clarify any doubts that may exist and, thus, be more confident in moving on to the purchase.

Video is one of the tools we provide at LOBA as part of our brand strategy. We have an in-house team dedicated to video capture, editing and animation, with skills in storytelling, concept creation, and scriptwriting.

Together with SCOPE Invest, we developed a new strategy to bring the brand closer to the public. The company wanted to show that the Financial Incentives area can also be fun and bold, and entrusted us with the development of its video concept and production, based on a more comprehensive digital communication plan that also included the creation of a landing page, social media plans, campaigns and creation of newsletters.


A strategy that includes video content positively impacts the results of a brand, whether on social networks, on your website or in other media. This type of content increases brand awareness and value, generates credibility and engagement with the target audience, and increases sales.

Want to enrich your brand strategy with video content?

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