Uncover the Potential of Omnichannel Customer Experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Today's customers expect to be provided with a consistent, relevant, and differentiated shopping experience across various touchpoints.

According to a survey by Sprout in the first quarter of 2023, over two-thirds (77%) of customers expressed a greater likelihood to increase their consumption with brands they feel connected to.

To be included, companies must meet these expectations. For the customer, another option is always just a click away. This statement raises the question: how can companies strengthen this vital ability to engage customers across all channels?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the answer! This platform offers a wide range of features to help you stand out.

It is in this context that the Omnichannel Customer Experience emerges. But what is Omnichannel Customer Experience (CX), and how can it benefit organizations?

Omnichannel CX, or omnichannel customer experience, is a strategy that aims to provide customers with a centralized, unique, and interactive experience across various communication channels such as physical stores, online platforms, mobile apps, and social media.

In practical terms, this type of strategy manifests through actions such as:

  • Content personalization;
  • Facilitation of customer data transfer between channels;
  • Analysis of consumer interaction at various touchpoints.

Three reasons stand out as to why companies benefit from adopting the omnichannel strategy:

  1. Optimizes Customer Lifetime Value: Utilizing an omnichannel CX strategy makes contacting the company easy. When a company commits to providing consistent service, it also commits to working with consumers in the long term.
  2. Enhances Customer Retention and Loyalty: An omnichannel experience puts the customer first, and who doesn't like that feeling? Consumers become loyal customers when they receive high-quality service before and after the purchase, which is the foundation of Omnichannel CX.
  3. Improves Consumer Journey Perception: This approach offers a 360-degree view of the customer journey, consolidating all interactions into a single platform—the results in valuable information to boost sales, enhancing the overall perception of the consumer's path.

How can we build an omnichannel customer experience using the Marketing Cloud?

Creating an omnichannel experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud involves leveraging the various functionalities and features of the platform to craft a cohesive and personalized customer experience across multiple channels.

The platform's automation, segmentation, and analytical capabilities tailor the customer experience, ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right consumer at the right moment.

At LOBA, as Salesforce partners and resellers, we possess expertise and know-how in implementing omnichannel strategies through Salesforce Marketing Cloud, backed by numerous successful cases in the development of:

Salesforce's robust and comprehensive B2C marketing tool offers various means and communication channels, such as:

  • Email;
  • SMS;
  • WhatsApp;
  • Landing Pages;
  • Push Notifications.

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