Agilidade S.A. is, since 2010, a Health Plan management company that operates in national territory and markets its solutions through the brands Agilcare, Sorriso+ and Vetplano. Currently, it has more than 390,000 customers and more than 3,500 partners in the Health area.

With the goal of qualifying and converting leads, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution made it possible to obtain more information about potential customers by tracking their online behavior. Contacts were also segmented in order to target the most relevant content to each type of audience, thus increasing lead conversion.

Other developments include:

  • Integration of leads coming from Facebook and Instagram through the Lead Capture tool;
  • Integration of leads with external call centre via API and FTP;
  • Creation of email marketing communication campaigns and content (Email templates and Landing pages for the Smile + brand);
  • Creation of Journeys for campaign automation and lead segmentation.
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