How e-commerce is revolutionizing companies lives

With the arrival of the pandemic, many stores were forced to close their doors and change the way they sell their products. The period of confinement brought changes in the behavior of consumers, who started to acquire goods they were not even used to buying online. On the other hand, those who already had an online store took the opportunity to increase and improve this process - the advantages of having an e-commerce store are countless.

The evolution of this market is constant and companies are therefore trying to improve the way their products are displayed to the consumer, including the care taken to demonstrate their origin and sustainability, customer support, the possibility of using various payment methods for greater ease and convenience, among many other aspects.
Companies that invested in e-commerce also invested in improving their presence on social media networks, focusing on visually appealing content or more advanced techniques such as livestream events (case of Levis) or even virtual tours, a concept strongly used by real estate companies.

Virtual reality and the capacity of smartphones, which allow more robust mobile applications, become a key point for companies that want a differentiated user experience, as is the case of IKEA, whose application allows us to simulate the way a product looks in our home. The smartphone is increasingly used not only to consult websites and applications, but also to shop, hence the importance of having a responsive site.

In addition, the possibility to place custom requests at checkout and product customization are factors that can be decisive for the purchase or to recover an abandoned cart. The speed of order shipment is another differentiating factor, with ever shorter delivery times - a standard set by the Amazon Prime revolution.

A LOBA success story: Quebramar's new online store

One of the projects recently developed by LOBA was the new online store of the clothing brand Quebramar.

This project results from our experience in e-commerce combined with the guarantees of stability, flexibility, scalability and security of the VTEX platform, one of our partners in the e-commerce area.

The complexity and size of this project required detailed planning in order to ensure that all variables of this new online store were guaranteed. From the design, implementation, or integration with third-party platforms, everything was programmed in detail.

After the launch of the store, close collaboration with the client was maintained, through the support in processes of continuous improvement of the website.

The increasing supply of e-commerce sites means that we have to stand out from the competition - Shopify has even done an analysis stating that the cost of acquiring new customers has been increasing. More than just creating a website to sell online, it's essential to have a good strategy before building one, in order to find the right approach to the various aspects we've told you about in this article.

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