The importance of the Customer Service in E-commerce

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the behavioural pattern of the world population, and Portugal was no exception. Similar to other nationalities, the Portuguese made more online purchases in volume and frequency. 

Online or offline, retailers seek to ensure that they deliver the best shopping experience to their Customers. In this context, the Customer Service (CS) is one of the most relevant actions, especially in online shopping formats, because it is usually one of the only ways to ensure a human connection with the customer.

Allied to our mission of providing excellent Customer Experiences, at LOBA we provide a personalised Customer Care Service (included in our Fullcommerce service) that aims to support customers' purchasing decision processes and bring brands closer to their customers. 

There are several channels of interaction with the Customer, which respond to the Costumer Service and support the development of e-commerce, such as chatbot, e-mail, social networks or whatsapp. At LOBA, we exploit these channels in order to provide users with a positive shopping experience. In addition to bringing brands closer to customers, this approach boosts feedback and positive evaluations.

According to the study made by Invesp, 73% of customers consider online chat tools the most satisfactory way to communicate with a brand. Of these, about 42% prefer to use online chat rather than email and social networks. The study also indicates that the customer satisfaction rate is 92% in this medium. Also according to Invesp, 63% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that offers online chat and 77% of customers will not make a purchase if there is no such support.

Our experience confirms that an online chat on your E-Commerce platform allows customers to get in touch with your brand more conveniently and instantly. Also according to Invesp, 63% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that offers online chat and 77% of customers will not make a purchase if there is no online chat support.

This study reinforces our internal data. Analysing the various cases where we manage the customer service, the online chat of the E-Commerce platforms is the customers' favourite, followed by social networks and email.

The CS in E-commerce can happen at two moments of the buying process: pre and post-sale. During the pre-sale, the potential customer is in a research phase, and may not yet have decided whether to buy your product or not. While gathering information from different sources, it is normal that doubts arise. Therefore, it is important to be available through online channels to answer questions as soon as possible. Time is a decisive factor, and a relevant variable in the conversion model.

In E-commerce, the Customer Experience does not end when the purchase is made. It is through the post-sale that brands often receive feedback from customers and implement improvements in the product or service. It is also at this stage of the process that customers get in touch to find out the status of their orders, report problems, make a complaint or even highlight the quality of the service provided.  We reinforce, once again, that availability and response time is a critical success factor and that the quick resolution of post-sales issues increases customer satisfaction, mitigating negative evaluations.

At LOBA we view this process as one of continuous improvement. We value both negative and positive feedback. It is through the criticism and suggestions of the customers of our customers that we improve service processes, modify the functionality of websites or improve logistics services. All in partnership, so that your customer's experience is the best possible. 

In conclusion, an efficient Customer Support is a differentiating factor of your brand's online experience, because it allows you to bring it closer to your audience, becoming an important tool to retain and build customer loyalty. 

The LOBA Digital Marketing team includes Customer Service in its range of services. Do you have any questions on this subject? Contact us and we will clarify all your questions!

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