The importance of UX Design in new businesses

We live in a digital age, in which the user/consumer should be the center of every company's strategy. This is exactly what UX Design is based on. It is a concept that understands the limitations, needs, and desires of a brand's potential consumers. 

All kinds of companies, whether large or small, have already developed some kind of digital presence: for instance, a website, a mobile app, or even a software. Right now, these companies face one of today's most common challenges: ensuring the user's attention. At LOBA, our focus is to provide the user with the best possible Customer Experience through our products.

But what is the concept of UX Design based on?

UX stands for User Experience. This design concept covers all aspects of the interaction between the user and the world around him, focusing on finding the synergy between the brand goals and the individual needs of users.

We can, thus, consider that User Experience Design, or UX Design, is fully connected to emotions. Through this concept, we can understand the preferences, perceptions, feelings and other aspects of each user.

UX Design in new businesses

The concept of User Experience is very broad. However, when we talk about brands, products, systems and services, it is important to understand that UX does not only involve the design of the product and its development. Quite the contrary. We have to plan with the customer all the stages of the user journey - from the first to the last contact - while framing your brand in this process.

The phrase from Don Norman, creator of the term UX Design, leads us to the idea that the better the user experience, right from the first contact, the greater their satisfaction and the more likely their loyalty will be.

These are some practical pointers that allow us to understand and evaluate a good user experience:

1. Higher conversion rates

Users who have a good experience with the product before the decision stage have a greater chance of converting - that is, making a purchase. Consequently, investing in UX Design helps brands increase revenue and return on the investment made in the product.

2.  Cost reduction

Investing in UX Design can generate cost savings in the long run. A good experience makes it easier for users to access all the information about the product or service, preventing possible contacts with the support team for troubleshooting.

3. Boosts SEO

An effective UX design has a significant contribution when it comes to search engine rankings. Google rewards websites with simple, structured navigation as they provide users with information quickly and conveniently.

4.  Increases brand loyalty

If he had a good prior experience, the potential customer will always remember a brand when he wants to purchase a new product or service. It is essential to leave good memories in the consumer, and to make him feel good at all stages of the process: choice, decision, purchase, and use of the product/service. In addition to being loyal to the brand, the user may even recommend it to friends, family, and 
Given these advantages, it is easy to see that User Experience is the differentiating point of a brand, whether digital or not. 

At LOBA, we think about the future and know that investing in UX Design is fundamental for a successful business. We have a multidisciplinary team that is capable of understanding the needs of our customers and providing the best Customer Experience to our clients' customers.

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