Returning to the office in safety with Bubliing

Returning to the office in safety with Bubliing

2020 was, without a doubt, the litmus test for the adoption of remote work! At LOBAbx, we have a very positive evaluation of this period, and now it’s time to go back to the offices, even if partially. We’re welcoming back some pre-pandemic routines, promoting and fostering personal relationships and team spirit.

It is clear that the last year brought with it new habits, new ways of being, and also some fears and anxieties. It is, therefore, crucial that organizations manage to transmit all the confidence and security to their employees in this return.

The importance placed on the physical conditions of the workplace has changed, and has a value that, in pre-pandemic times, was not there. It is essential to ensure that workplaces have the best safety and comfort conditions so that employees feel confident and productive!

And, incredible as it may seem, individual productivity upon returning to the office can be negatively affected. After months of working in the privacy of our own space, isolated from auditory and visual stimuli and without distractions, returning to share workspaces will be a real challenge.

Forbes tells us that 76% of workers point to colleagues talking loudly on the phone or in spontaneous meetings as the biggest distraction in open-plan offices.  So, ensuring that each employee feels comfortable in order to achieve excellence will be the key to the times ahead!


 It was with these issues in mind, and focusing on these market opportunities, that Bubliing was born.

The Bubliing concept is materialized in work cabins, privacy spaces that can be used for work meetings (videoconferencing), tasks that require a degree of concentration not always easy to achieve in an open space office, or even for a relaxing break or a simple phone call. Bubliing cabins can be useful not only in workplaces but also in industrial contexts, public spaces or others.

The Bubliing cabins

These spaces have been designed for this new reality, featuring a HEPA-certified filter disinfection system that retains 99.9% of viruses and germs, including SARS-CoV-2. The acoustics issue is one of the points widely tested and the sustainability factor is also assured, since the Bubliing cabins’ materials are made from components of natural origin or with low environmental impact. All this, without neglecting the design and the possibility of customization, which allows adaptation to the most varied scenarios and needs.

LOBA was in charge of creating Bubliing’s branding and website. The idea of privacy, comfort and security led us to the concept of bubble, which in turn became a determining factor when creating the naming for this brand.

The Bubliing Branding and Website was developed by LOBA


A recent Randstad study indicates that "77% of professionals who are currently remote now want to return to the workplace" and the first Workmonitor 2021 reveals that one of the "main difficulties pointed out when returning to the office is the need to wear a mask all day (65%) and the continuous feeling of being at risk of contamination (59%).


One thing is for sure, we all want a safe return, and solutions like Bubliing make it happen.

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