How to create an app for my business: where to start?

If you have a well-structured business and now feel the need to communicate with your target audience in a differentiating way and establish stronger relationships, creating an app may be a solution.

We already know that investing in an app can bring several benefits to your company.  The fact that consumers are increasingly using their smartphones is an indication that we are living in a new era - the era of connections, or, more usually hailed, the era of mobility. And it is on this premise that this challenge begins. 

Focusing on the needs of consumers (that are increasingly educated and dedicated to the constant search for new and more information), choosing the best method to reach them and the most appropriate channel should be the starting point. 

But, before we start to understand what steps you should take to start creating your app, it is important to list the advantages of having one:


An app enables you to provide your customers with user-friendly content in an innovative, focused and objective manner, gaining a competitive advantage.


Based on the previous point, you will be able to quickly and effectively create a strong and close relationship with your customers. In other words, you will create a symbiosis with the users of your application through objective notifications (sent and received), enhancing direct communication and taking it to another level.


The "era of mobility and connection" mentioned in the second paragraph requires that communication, besides being simple and quick to access, must also be objective. And there is no better tool than a mobile application, since it allows you to reach the user faster, presenting him with relevant and updated information in a clear and succinct way.


Exploring the functionalities of mobile applications allows you to reinforce the bonds with your client and become a top of mind brand - that means that whenever the client thinks of acquiring a certain product or service, thanks to the relationship you already created with him, your brand will be the first one he thinks of.


The analysis of statistics and user behaviour within the app is essential to design new flows that anticipate their needs and thus keep the customer's interest alive and strengthen loyalty.

The benefits of creating an app for my business are clear. Now, where do I start? 

At LOBA, we invest in specialization and continuous knowledge update, and our team is ready not only to welcome your project, but also to help you clarify your needs and understand, above all, if creating an app is the way to go.

The development of some projects in this area - apps such as OLI TECH, Seaside Lovers, CCB Mobile App or My Golden - allows us, also as consultants, to anticipate, plan and define, together with our costumers, the steps to follow to have a new successful communication tool:

  • Setting objectives

- Are you going to sell or present products? 
- Will you target the application at the consumer with offers, vouchers and loyalty through points? 
- Are you going to manage the customer's personal data, as if it were a reserved area? 

- …

These are some of the questions that are part of the diagnosis of your needs and that will help you to start designing your business application.

  • Which functionalities you wish to have

At this point, the functionalities and technical issues underlying the project are analyzed. Naturally, our clients don't need to have technical knowledge, but together, before starting to create the app, we explore the following possibilities:

- Will there be user registration and, as a result, login? 
- If so, will registration activation be automatic or manual, through a backoffice? 
- Will there be forms available to enhance contact with your customers? 
- Will it be possible to download information or upload documentation? 
- Will there be the possibility of making payments? 

  • Benchmarking and value proposition

This is one of the most important points to define when starting a project of this type. The reason is simple: it is not enough to have a mobile application; it is necessary that it answers a market need and that it is, by itself, differentiating, not only regarding the competition, but also the other channels in which the brand is already present. Therefore, we analyze questions such as:

- Will I develop exclusive content for the app? Or will I replicate what already exists on the site/other channels?
- What is different about this app? Will that make my potential customers want to use it?

Creating an app from scratch is a complex process that involves brainstorming, strategy definition and technical implementation. LOBA is the partner that will guide you through all these stages to achieve a successful final product.

Get to know our app portfolio and contact us to know more.

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