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Sandro Baptista

Web developer

I am a young programmer who began his career in 2022, the same year I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I am pursuing a master's degree in Mobile Computing in Computer Engineering, with an expected completion in 2024. Over the past 4 years, I have actively participated in extracurricular internships, focusing on agriculture-related activities during the seasonal periods.

I have lived in a rural environment for as long as I can remember, and my life has been intertwined with animals and trees, which I consider paradise. Indeed, tranquillity and quality of life are inherent in a village with more houses than people.

I engage in agriculture in my free time, always accompanied by my close family and friends. In addition to rural work, I enjoy spending time in public spaces, such as cafes, taverns, and game rooms, catching up with friends and challenging them to another round of table football or billiards.

Beyond these typical youthful hobbies, I am passionate about the world of cars and motorcycles, especially 50cc motorcycles, dedicating my time to caring for my prized possessions.

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