Marta Gaspar - LOBA

Marta Gaspar

performance manager

Dreamer, curious, and non-conformist, I love escaping the conventional and diving into the new.
Demanding and strong-willed, when I set my mind to something, I take it as a mission.

With a Marketing degree, I began my professional journey as an account manager in different areas until the routine began to affect my well-being, motivating me to explore the world. After traveling and working in many countries over three years, it was during a volunteering project with children in India that I became more tolerant, flexible, and gained a new perspective on life.

Back in Portugal, I decided to combine my passion for marketing and strategy with my interest in technology and pursued a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing. This digital universe, combined with my fascination for psychology, excites me as I explore the online behavior of consumers, connecting the brands I work with and their audience.

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