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Mafalda Lamarão


Born and raised in Ovar with a degree in Law at Porto, I was once a lawyer in what seemed like another lifetime. Every time I wore my robe, it felt like I was in a straitjacket, so I did what any sane person would do - I became a fire truck saleswoman.

But as exciting as it was, it didn't cater to my creative nature. I realized I had to find my path somewhere between my passion for writing and my fascination with content marketing. And so, after a post-graduate degree and countless courses and workshops, I headed towards copywriting.  

I like to read, write and listen to music in my spare time. I also watch TV shows and movies and hit the gym to improve my mental and physical fitness. I learn something different every year, whether taking DJ classes or self-defence lessons and whenever I have the chance, I go to the Furadouro beach just to be closer to the ocean. I do my best to approach life with an optimistic outlook and a lighthearted disposition despite having to wake up early some days (I'm barely up for social interactions before 10 a.m.).

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