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Lucas Henrique

web developer

Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development from Universidade Padre Anchieta and Colégio Técnico Vasco Antônio Venchiarutti in Jundiaí, São Paulo - Brazil, I have been working for over 10 years in digital agency environments, with different specialties, from server support to programming websites, ecommerces, digital marketing tools, email marketing automation, etc.

Passionate about a good challenge, being part of LOBA means advancing, with great success and gratitude, another step in my professional career. I am always focused on ethics, quality, competence, teamwork and problem solving.

I also enjoy watching series/films, listening to music, playing the guitar, singing, playing football (fan of FC Porto), going out with my friends, missing my family and, above all, never turning down a good restaurant with good company. 

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